Tutorial on how to access the Youtube account

Youtube is a free video streaming platform that allows users to upload and watch videos and live streaming videos.



How to create an account ?

In order to sign up for a Youtube account, you need to create a Google account. Go to the create a channel page, and click on “more options”, and then “create account”. Fill up the registration page with your details and click on “next step”. Read the Privacy and Terms and click “Agree”. To verify your address you need to open the mail you just received from Google and click the link.




How to login ?

Go to youtube.com and click “sign in” at the top right. Enter your mail address and password, confirm and now you can access Youtube, upload, like, share videos, and subscribe to channels to see them on your left sidebar.



How to logout ?

Go to youtube.com and then click on your account profile picture at the top right. In the tab, click “sign out”.


How to delete an account ?

Click on your profile picture and go to “settings”, then on the right side menu, select Overview, and under your channel’s email address, click “advanced”. On this page, click “delete channel” at the bottom.