Tutorial on how to access the SKY account

A Sky account allows you to manage your Sky subscriptions both TV and Broadband.

How to create an account ?

Go to this page , fill up the registration form, then click “Create Sky ID”.



You will need to verify your email address. Click “Send email” button, then find the email in your inbox, and click the link “Verify your email address now” to confirm your email address. You will then need to enter your billing address postcode (for UK customers) or phone number (Republic of Ireland), your 12 digit Sky account number, and the last 6 digits of your bank account number. Your Sky ID’s now ready to be used, and you can subscribe to any Sky package.

How to login ?

To connect to your Sky Account, just go to the Sky homepage , and click “sign in”, then enter your Email or Username, and password, and click “sign in” again.

How to logout ?

To disconnect from your Sky account, go to the Sky homepage and click “sign out” on the top right of the page. 

How to delete an account ?

You cannot delete your Sky account, but you can cancel your subscription(s) by either direct chat on the Sky website at the contact page or calling the company at 03300 413 018. To find the contact page, go to Sky's home page, scroll down and click on "contact us" then go to the Sky subscription you want to cancel (TV, Broadband, Mobile...) and "Cancel Sky", then finally "I'm thinking about cancelling Sky". You will be have to log in before contacting the customer service.