Tutorial on how to access the BBC account

BBC is a news and multimedia website that allows you to watch BBC programs, live sports, and listen to BBC radios and podcasts through BBC Sounds for free (provided you have a TV licence). You can also comment on bbc news stories, create playlists of content to enjoy at a later date and get personalised recommendations.


How to create an account ?

In order to register for a BBC account, go to the “register now” page. Choose your age (under 13 or over 13), type in your birthday, email, password, and choose your country. You can then choose to be updated on new content by email. Go to your email service and validate your email address through the link inside the email you received. Your account is now validated.


How to login ?

You can login to your BBC account on the BBC homepage. Click the “sign in” button at the top left of the page, near the BBC logo, then enter your email and password and click the blue “sign in” button.



How to logout ?

When you want to logout of your BBC account, click on the “Your account” button on the homepage, then click on “Sign out” at the top right, under the search bar.


How to delete an account ?

If you want to delete your account, login at the top of the page, by clicking “sign in” and entering your email and password. Then, if you’re not on your account page, click “your account” at the top left, then click “Settings” at the top right. Scroll down and find the blue “I want to delete my account” text. Click on it then enter your password