Tutorial on how to access the Skype account

Skype is a telecommunication application and software allowing users to send and receive instant messages, video and audio calls, using either a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. Skype can either be used to call skype users or regular phone numbers.


How to create an account ?

To sign up for a Skype account, first go to the registration page and enter your phone number, and password. You can choose to use your personal email adress instead of your phone number too.


How to login ?

To sign in on the browser version of Skype, go to the Skype webpage, enter your email address, phone number or Skype user name, and click “next”.  You will then have to type your password and click “sign in”. You can also access your Skype account on the Skype app available to download here.


How to logout ?

To log out of your Skype account, go to the Skype home page, click on your name at the top left of the page, scroll down and click “sign out”. You can do the same on the software version of Skype.


How to delete an account ?

Your Skype account can be either linked to your Microsoft account or another mail address or phone number. Log into your skype account, and make sure you delete all infos and subscriptions or payment method. Then, go to this link and sign into your account if you need to, and click “next”. In the “select a reason” tab, choose a reason to close the reason for closing the account, and confirm.  account and click “mark account for closure”.