Tutorial on how to access the Pinterest account

Pinterest is a social media allowing users to share photos, gifs, and short videos on their favorite topics, such as receipes, DIY, fashion, beauty and wellness.


How to create an account ?

Go to the Pinterest sign up page and enter your email and password, or connect with your Facebook account (you have to be logged in to Facebook). Click “sign up”, pick your preferred language, gender, and then choose 5 topics you’re interested in and click on the “Done” button. You have the option to install a Pinterest button, but if you don’t want to, click “skip”. You have now access to your Pinterest account where you can send pictures, save pins, and comment.



How to login ?

In order to log in to your Pinterest account, simply go to the Pinterest homepage and click “Log in” at the top right. Then enter your email address and password, or click on the Facebook and google button to connect through those accounts.


How to logout ?

In order to log out of your Pinterest account, go to pinterest.co.uk, log in, and click on the 3 dots at the top right, then click on “log out”.


How to delete an account ?

You can either deactivate or close your Pinterest account. Deactivating means you will be able to get all your pins and history back if you decide to reactivate your account, but closing will delete your account totally.  In order to deactivate, go to Pinterest.com, log in, then click on the 3 dots at the top right, click “settings”, scroll down and click “deactivate”. Tick the box corresponding to the reason you're leaving, then choose "deactive my account", or "close my account permanently".