Tutorial on how to access the Instagram account

Instagram is a social media available on Windows 10, iOs and Android. Instagram lets you share and edit photos with messages.


How to create an account ?

You can sign up to an Instagram account either on pc, mac, or smartphone. Go to https://www.instagram.com/ and click “sign up” then fill up the form with your personal details (or log in with your facebook account) and click “sign up” again.

Add your profile photo, connect to facebook to find contacts, and you have now access to Instagram. On the browser version of Instagram, you can't publish pictures but you can follow, like, and comment on post. In order to publish on Instagram, you need to use the windows 10, iOs (on the iOs Store) or Android app (GooglePlay).



How to login ?

You can log into your Instagram account on https://www.instagram.com if you want to only read and comment other people's publications, or log in on your Win 10, Android or iOs device to also be able to publish your photos. Just download the app on instagram.com or in Google Play, iOs Store or Microsoft Store, launch the app, and enter your username and password.


How to logout ?

Go to Instagram.com, click on the top right icon (human icon), then the gear icon, and click “log out”. You can also log out on smartphone.


How to delete an account ?

There are two solutions when you want to stop using Instagram, you can either deactivate or delete the account. Deactivating means all your infos, comments, likes, photos and mentions are hidden until you reactivate it, but deleting an account means you can't use that username anymore and you will lose all your history on Instagram.

If you still want to delete your account, log in, and go to the “Delete your account” page (you can't delete your account from the Instagram mobile app). Choose a reason to delete your account, enter your password and click “Delete my account permanently”.