Tutorial on how to access the Talk talk account

Talk Talk is a telecommunication providing services like paid broadcast television, internet access, , email address, home and broadband phone.  A Talk Talk account allows you to review your bills and manage your subscriptions to services.


How to create an account ?

Go to the registration page, enter your TalkTalk landline number and account number (visible on your home or broadband phone bill). If you don’t have an account number yet, you need to subscribe to a Talk Talk account on the shop page



How to login ?

On the Talk Talk home page, click "log in" at the top right, or go to the Talk Talk account page here and enter your personal details, then click “login”


How to logout ?

Simply click “sign out” at the top right of the page when you want to disconnect from your Talk Talk account.


How to delete an account ?

You only have 2 solutions to close your Talk Talk account. You can change your broadband provider, which will take care of cancelling your Talk Talk subscription. Or you can close the account by calling TalkTalk directly. Here is the national Talk Talk Number : 0800 049 7802. 


Contact customer service

In case of any internet access, TV or phone related issues, you can contact Talk Talk’s client services at this number : 0345 172 0088. You can chat online directly with the customer service every day from 8am to 10 pm on the Talk Talk community page. You can also message the Talk Talk teams by downloading the My TalkTalk App on iOs and Android.