Tutorial on how to access the Nationwide account

Nationwide is a british mutual financial institution which offers savings, mortgages, loans, insurances and other services. It’s one of the largest insurance provider in the UK, and lets you handle all your account details and transactions online. 

How to create a Nationwide account ?

In order to create your Nationwide account, go to the homepage and place your cursor on the purple “Log in” button then in the menu, click on the grey “Register” button. On the next page, choose the type of account you’re creating : currents account, savings account, credit card, personal loan, mortgage and click on “Continue”.


Enter your personal information : account number, name, surname, date of birth, address, and confirm by clicking on “Continue”. Enter your contact details and follow the instructions to confirm your account. 

How to login ?

When you want to log in to your Nationwide account, go to the homepage and click at the top right on “Log in” then on the next page, click on the red “Yes - Continue to log in” button. Enter your customer number and date of birth then click on “Continue”. Follow the instructions to finish logging in . 

How to logout ?

In order to log out of your Nationwide account, simply click at the top right of the page the blue “Log Out” button. 

How to delete a Nationwide account ?

In order to delete your Nationwide account, simply log into your account, and click on “View accounts”. Choose the account you want to close, then click on “other account services” in the left menu. Finally, click on “Close account” and follow the instructions.