Tutorial on how to access the eBay account

eBay is an e-commerce website where professionals and consumers can sell and buy any goods, either on auction or through direct payment. eBay allows visitors to buy from any other user from around the world, and secures transactions through a confirmation process of payment and reception of the product(s). 

How to create an account ?

In order to create an account on eBay, simply go to eBay's homepage and click on "register" at the top left of the page. Enter your first name, surname, email adress, password, then click on the "Register" button.  


How to login ?

In order to log in to your eBay account, go to the eBay homepage and click at the top left on "Sign in". Then, enter your email address or username, then your password and click on "Sign in". 

How to logout ?

When you want to log out, hover over "Hello, username" at the top left of the eBay page and a menu will appear. Simply click on "sign out"

How to delete an account ?

If you want to delete your eBay account, on the homepage, click on "Help & contact" at the top of the page. Scroll down and click on "Managing your account". In the left menu, click on "Settings", then click on "See 3 more articles", and finally on "Closing your account and deleting your data". On this page, scroll down and click on the blue button "Close my account and delete my data". 


Enter your account details and click "continue" then follow the procedure.