Tutorial on how to access the British Gas account

British Gas is one of the main electricity and gas provider in the United Kingdom. The company has also covers home services such as installing boilers and heating, repairing electrical and gas systems, plumbing and drains.


The British Gas online account allows you to check details of your current services, bills, and book whatever you need from boiling to electricity service.


How to Create an account

To create a British Gas account, go to the homepage, and then click on “My Account” at the top right. Then click on “Access your account”. Enter your email address, click on “Next”, enter your personal information and click “Next”. Finally, Enter your HomeCare number, customer reference number or sales order number and click “Next”.

This number can be found on any email or letter you’ve received from British Gas.


How to Log in

In order to log in to a British Gas account, simply click “My Account” on the homepage. Enter your email address, and enter your password then confirm.



How to Log Out ?

In order to log out of a British Gas account, simply click on “Log Out” at the top your British Gas account page.


How to delete an account ?

If you want to delete a British Gas account, please contact the customer service :


Complaints Management Team

PO Box 226, Rotherham, S98 1PB