Tutorial on how to access the Apple account

An Apple account allows you to access most of the Apple services such as iTunes, iCloud, iBooks and synchronise your data between iOS devices and Windows PC.  Apple offers a two-step verification with your smartphone to reinforce the security of your account.


How to create an account ?

To create an Apple account, go to the Apple ID page and click on “Create Your Apple ID” at the bottom of the page. Type your infos in the registration form and click “continue”.



A code will be sent to your email address, copy this verification code and enter it on the page

You can now access to all the Apple Services by using your Apple Account ID


How to login ?

There are several ways to connect to your Apple account, but the simpler is to go to the Apple ID page and click “sign in” on the top right of the page. Type in your Apple ID and password, then press “enter” on your keyboard or click the arrow next to your password. You can also log in your Apple Account when using iTunes, iCloud and other apple services.


How to logout ?

To disconnect from your Apple account, click “sign out” on the top right of your profile page. For the Apple services such as iCloud or iTunes, click “sign out” in the “Store” and/or “Account” tabs.


How to delete an account ?

You can’t totally delete your Apple account but you can deactivate any link between your account and Apple services. Go to the Apple ID page, log in, go to “devices” and choose each device then click “remove”.


You can do the same on iOS devices by launching the settings app, tap your Apple ID banner, choose the device, and tap “remove from account”, then confirm. Don’t forget to “sign out” of every service after deactivating your devices.