Tutorial on how to access the Spotify account

Spotify is a music-streaming service available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS smartphones. You can access for free with ads between songs or subscribe to Spotify Premium for 9,99£ monthly (with 1 month free trial).

How to create an account ?

Go to the Spotify homepage and click “sign up” at the top right of the page. You will then have the choice between using your Facebook account with “sign up with facebook” and using your email address. Fill up the form with your personal details, tick the Captcha verification box, and click “sign up”.

You now have access to your spotify account. You can also access Spotify by the Spotify software


How to login ?

Open the spotify software or go to the Spotify website and click “log in”. Click “log in with Facebook” if you used your Facebook account to register, or type your email address and password, then the green “log in” button.

How to logout ?

Go to Spotify and click on “profile” at the top right, and “Log out”. On the Spotify smartphone app, go to Library (bottom menu) and click the gear at the top right, then scroll down and tap “log out”. On the Spotify pc software, click on the arrow next to your profile name (top of the screen) and then "log out".

How to delete an account ?

In order to delete your spotify account, you need to contact the Spotify support. Go to the support page . Click on any “account”, then click on “Other”, and the blue “I still need help” button.


Fill up your name and your request, for example “I want to delete my Spotify account”. Send the question. You will receive an email redirecting you to the spotify community. Reply directly to that email and request to delete your account. You will shortly receive a response confirming your account has been deleted.