Tutorial on how to access the Yahoo account

Yahoo is a web service provider. A Yahoo account allows you to access to your personal Yahoo email account. Your Yahoo account also allows you to chat with friends through the Yahoo Messenger service.


How to create an account ?

Go to the Yahoo login page and click on the bottom right of the page “Sign up”, fill up the form with your information, especially the phone number. Then on the next page, click “text me an account key” to validate your inscription. Then click on “let's get started”. You now have access to your Yahoo mail address.


How to login ?

Go to Yahoo and click “sign in” then enter your Yahoo email address, and then your password.


How to logout ?

To log out of a Yahoo account, go to Yahoo and go over your profile picture at the top right of the page, then click “sign out” at the bottom of the tab.


How to delete an account ?

You can close your Yahoo account in very few steps. Log in on the Yahoo website and then, go to the Delete page . Read the information on the page, and then click “continue”. Enter your Yahoo email address to confirm, and then you'll get a message saying your account has been deactivated. It takes about 40 days for an account to be deleted from the Yahoo database.