Tutorials for managing your online accounts

Email account

Setting up a mail account is not always easy. Where do you sign up? What kind of information you have to give? How to delete your mail account? Learn how to manage any mail account with our simple and quick step-by-step guides, covering the most popular mail account services such as Yahoo, Gmail and AOL. We give you the key steps and links to help you set up, log in, or even delete an account.

Social Media

Whether it's for your computer or smartphone, signing up for and manage a social media account be complicated, and you want to get it done quickly? How to sign up for an Instagram account? How do you delete a Twitter account? Find out all the details about social media account subscription and management with our step-by-step guides. From Facebook to Snapchat, learn how to log in and out of social medias, and the quickest way to delete or deactivate your account.

Music streaming

Music streaming platforms aren't always easy to navigate, whether you want to sign up, manage, or delete your account. Get access to thousands of tracks from your favourite artist without hassle thanks to our tutorials. On spotify, deezer, iTunes, and other streaming services, find out how to create an account quickly, log in to your account, log out from your account, deactivate an account, or simply unsubscribe with our step-by-step guides.

Video streaming

How to create your Netflix account quickly? How to delete a Vimeo account? How does a Sky account work? Find out about the popular video streaming services, how to sign up for them, how to manage them, and how to delete. Follow our tutorial with simple steps to save time and create, log in and out, or delete your account quickly.


Would you like to register quickly to log into TalkTalk, delete your Easyjet account, create a Paypal account or check how much income tax you paid last year? We help you to manage your online services easily with our account creation, login and deletion tutorials.